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Compact and environmentally friendly

AMD’s compact and innovative design means a machine length of 16 metres to process beams up to 13 m in length.

  • The TF machine fits in a small workshop.
  • The machine can be installed directly on a sturdy concrete floor. Subfloor spaces and concrete works are not required.
  • Full dust extraction from the machining compartiment to keep the area around the machine free of dust and provide a pleasant working environment.
  • The enclosed machining area provides a low-noise environment.
  • Fine mechanical parts are not in the machining area. As a result, they are not soiled and are protected from wear.
  • The exhaust air flow is realised in a permanent program-controlled manner.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Separate removal of residual wood and waste.
  • Practically no cleaning or maintenance.
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