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Processing of tongue-and-groove wall logs.

To produce gables for stacked log construction: chalets, log cabins, ….

Fully assembled gables

Starting from a stack of wall logs.  The machine saws the gable slope, notches and secures the gables with nails or screws. Time-consuming manual work, resulting in countless flawed gables, is a thing of the past.

  • Sawing symmetric or asymmetric apex, pent or rounded gables.
  • Machining notches for purlins on the saw cut.
  • Nailing or screwing on the saw cut. The fasteners are hidden, hence both sides of the gable are presentable (so no more right or left gables).
  • Multiple gables can be manufactured simultaneously.
  • The high speed of production allows directly matching production to requirement, and drastically reducing internal transport and storage.


Door de vierzijdige werkstukklemming, NC-gestuurde zaagunit en onmiddellijke fixering, komen dergelijke imperfecties bij de AMD TG machine niet voor.

Met de TG machine wordt een topgevel met 4 uitsparingen voor gordingen, plankdikte 28mm geproduceerd in slechts enkele minuten. Met de geautomatiseerde TG machine wordt de snelheid meer dan gehalveerd.

Accurate and user-friendly machine with automation of choice

Manual sawing makes it challenging to obtain perfectly straight gables. The TG machine, with its thorough, four-sided clamping in the machine guarantees that the cut has the desired shape.

  • Thorough vertical and horizontal clamping ensures a nice finished saw cut.
  • Twisted and crooked logs pose no problem.
  • Automated version available, where the machine can be loaded while producing

Automated machine for gable ends

  • Automated machine where the machine can be loaded while producing.
  • With lock for removing a stack top gables without interrupting the production.
TG machine: accurate gables for stacked log construction

With the automated TG machine a gable, with 4 notches for purlins, 28 mm thick logs, is manufactured in only a one minute.

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