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Processing of wall logs 19 mm to 45 mm thickness, 90 mm to 124 m height and length up to 6 m.
(Deviating dimensions on request.)

To produce wall logs for stacked log construction: log cabins, chalets, log homes, garden buildings, sheds, swimming pools, pergolass, …

All operations in one run

  • Wall logs are cut to length, the ends are milled to a desired profile, and up to 3 notches are milled with or without windnotch.
  • Planks are finished in one run and in one fixture
  • Fully automatic adjustment in mere seconds.  Only when log thickness changes, is a manual tool change required.
  • Finished and flawless boards of impeccable quality, ready for assembly.
  • Cross cut saw with optimisation software for pre-cuttung the various lengths to length of boards brought in.
  • Capability for making notches at an angle, e.g. for swimming pools, ….
  • Suited for series production as well as bespoke work.

Compact and operator-friendly machine

  • Compact machine which can be installed directly on a sturdy concrete floor. Underfloor spaces are not required.
  • Fine-mechanical components are safeguarded from dust.
  • Automatic closable dust extraction near the machining areas ensures a clean and healthy working environment. Only one external extraction connection is required.
  • The machine automatically adjusts. Only when log thickness changes, is a manual tool change required.
  • Offline programming: the machine program can be generated in the office while the machine is still operating.
  • 1 man operation
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