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AMD Machines

Woodworking machines for
the added-value seeker

AMD has more than 50 years of experience in building machines, including more than 40 years of NC-controlled machines. This manifests itself in innovative state-of-the-art machines based by knowledge and techniques that have proven their reliability in the industry for many years.

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Why you should choose AMD NV

At AMD, we develop and build innovative machines tailored
to the needs of your company.

AMD NV | Direct contact

Direct contact

At AMD, you are in direct contact with the engineers who design and build your machine.

AMD NV | Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

Everything from specialized log cabin machinery to general joinery machines for manufacturing every imaginable wooden structure.

AMD NV | Experienced engineers

Experienced engineers

Building on decades of experience in woodworking machinery.

AMD NV | Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality

Thorough machine testing with your products allows you verify the impeccable quality of the result.

AMD NV | Automation


AMD has specialised in machine automation for high added value using a minimum of manpower.

AMD NV | Comprehensive solution

Comprehensive solution

When designing your machine, we take into account optimal integration into your production process.