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Machine de base

Processing of parts (dimensions to be agreed upon).
To produce door and window.

Bespoke work without limitation

Machining rough beams directly into beautifully detailed door and window elements.

  • NC-controlled machine with unique clamping system allows you to process the six sides of window parts without repositioning the workpiece; inaccuracies are inherent in moving and reclamping.
  • Finished in a single pass.
  • Drilling, milling profiles, longitudinal milling, hinge holes, glazing bars and lock openings… so that the parts come off the machine ready for assembly.
  • This cost-effective machine is perfectly suited for custom and series work, as well as other products such as furniture parts.

Compact and environment-friendly

  • Compact machine that fits in any workshop.
  • With integrated tool changer.
  • Can be placed directly on the concrete floor. Subfloors spaces are not required.
  • Thorough dust extraction for a dust-free and comfortable working environment.
  • Cost-effective machine with limitless possibilities.
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