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When you buy an AMD machine, you receive our full support, even after the machine has been installed and commissioned.

AMD NV | Installatie


Installation and aligning of the machine in your factory is performed by our engineers. This ensures that the machine is installed optimally.

AMD NV | Opleiding


Training of your operators and technicians by our engineers. A first training is given in our workshop on the basis of a comprehensive manual when piloting the customer's products at AMD. After the machine has been installed, a refresher course is given.

AMD NV | Ondersteuning


Support on technical questions is given to you by engineers who have assembled and programmed the machine. They are available to you online, by mail and by phone.

AMD NV | Troubleshooting


Thanks to the possibility of logging in online, an issue can be solved remotely in almost all cases. This ensures that production interruptions are short-lived. If required, AMD will come to you on site.