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Basic machine

Processing of beams with cross sections of 25 x 50 mm up to 200 x 340 mm, standard length up to 10 m.
(longer or shorter on request)

For the production of outbuildings, carports, pool houses, roof sheds, timber frame construction, timber massif construction, roof structures, trusses, canopies, pergolas, prefabricated, awnings, tiny houses, house extensions, sheds, garden structures, stables, etc…

PATENTED methodology for unparalleled PRECISION PRODUCTS

Machining a beam all-sided without far-reaching milling units which make it impossible to achieve a recise result. That is the challenge AMD was faced in its design.

The solution was found in the, meanwhile patented, machining method of the DA machine, where the beam rotates around its axis.

The result is an exceptionally accurate machine, even for thin workpieces.

  • Very robust precise machining capabilities due to workpiece clamping in the immediate vicinity of the machining zone.
  • For both thin (25 x 50 mm) and thick beams 200 x 340 mm.
  • Section deviations of the beam to be machined are compensated.

Full design freedom

The Do All machine is a multiple CNC machine that can deal with every imaginable machining operation on all six sides of the beam. One machine is sufficient to achieve a wide variety of machining operations, no matter how challenging.

  • Sawing, drilling, milling… for mortise-and-tenon connections, dovetails, notches….
  • Operations at an angle with complex contours
  • Machining and marking up to 6 sides
  • Machining 2 or more beams on top of each other
  • Short pieces as short as 10 cm, even with internal machining are no problem
  • Automatic tool changing and extensive tool magazine
  • Patented system
  • The Do All machine substitutes multiple machines and work forces.

Automatic programming and optimisation

The Do-All machine is automatically programmed through BTL import. All you have to do is load the CAD model of the wood structure, and with a few clicks the machine program is generated. Spending hours programming machines en errors is a thing of the past.

  • Programming the machine straight from the CAD model, through BTL import. For effortless production of bespoke work.
  • The software verifies he manufacturability of the components and automatically generates the machine program.
  • To minimise wood waste and maximise productivity, the production is computer-optimised.
  • Pre-programmed operations ensure an impeccable result and avoid unproductive air milling.
  • The machine automatically adjusts to the beam dimensions of different beam sections and lengths interchangeably (as they were laid on the machine’s loading table).
  • Wireless measuring system for determining the entered beam length
  • Intuitive user interface.

Compact and environmentally friendly

AMD’s compact and innovative design means a machine length of 11,5 metres to process beams up to 10 m in length.

  • The Do All machine fits in a small workshop.
  • The machine can be installed directly on a sturdy concrete floor. Subfloor spaces and concrete works are not required.
  • Full dust extraction from the machining compartiment to keep the area around the machine free of dust and provide a pleasant working environment.
  • The enclosed machining area provides a low-noise environment.
  • Fine mechanical parts are not in the machining area. As a result, they are not soiled and are protected from wear.
  • The exhaust air flow is realised in a permanent program-controlled manner.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Separate removal of residual wood and waste.
  • Practically no cleaning or maintenance.
  • Printing labels to identify finished pieces.
  • In case of a stop during production, the workpiece need not be removed (the process can resume).

Machine supported by BTL import and automatic production optimisation.

Machine supported by BTL import and automatic production optimisation.

DA machine: multipurpose joinery machine for timber framing, trusses, log homes and so much more …
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