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Basic machine

Processing of square, rectangular and round posts.

For the production of poles; meadow poles, fencing, decorative poles, diamond head poles, barrier poles, …

Posts ready to install in no time

The PM machine is specialized for the rapid production of posts in all kinds of wood, shapes and sizes.

Every 50 to 120 seconds, a finished post is produced depending on the number of operations and type of wood.

  • Numerous sawing, milling and drilling possibilities. Pole models of your choice.
  • Through hole milling, blind cut-outs, T-shaped recesses and even angled recesses
  • Square, round and rectangular posts.
  • The rapid production means that your delivery times are short, and hardly need any stock.
  • The automatic machine loader and outfeed table allow the machine to operate autonomously for a while. Permanent presence of an operator is thus not required.
  • Suitable for all wood types, even hardwoods such for example okan.

Compact and enviromentally friendly

A machining compartment with a width of less than one meter makes the PM machine compact enough for installation in any workshop. Furthermore, the closed and extracted machining room ensures a dust-free and low-noise working environment.

  • Compact, ergonomic and safe machine fits in every workshop.
  • The machine can be installed directly on a concrete floor. Making underfloor spaces are not required.
  • Full dust extraction of the machining compartment, safeguards the environment from dust and thus creates an enjoyable working environment.
  • Fine mechanical components are protected from the machining compartment. This protects, among other things, bearings and guides from wear.
  • Automatic lubrication of movable parts.
  • The enclosed machining area ensures a low-noise machine.
  • Almost no cleaning or maintenance.
PM machine: pole position in post production

Square, rectangular and round posts with operations as desired.