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Machine de base

Processing of wall logs, 18 mm to 70 mm thickness, up to 170 mm height and length up to 6 m or longer.
(deviating dimensions on request.)

For stacked log construction: log cabins, chalets, sheds, garden buildings …

The international log building standard

The PI machine is used by all leading log building manufacturers in Europe. The unmatched production speed and huge reliability have made this machine industry’s trusted partner for more than 25 years already.

  • Machine that evolves with the latest technologies and innovations, based on principles that have proven their worth through decades of industrial use , thereby with state-of-the-art software, options and extension possibilities.
  • Products with an unparalleled finish quality, without tear-out.
  • Finished and faultless pieces of impeccable quality, immediately ready for assembly.
  • Modular design allows to upgrade the machine to the grow of your company to production without operators. Extensions such as feeding system, drilling machine and stacking robot.

All operations in a single pass

Starting from profiled wall logs, the PI machine manufactures finished wall logs that can be put right into the package.

  • Logs are sawed to length, the ends are profiled to a desired shape and up to five notches with windnotch are machined.
  • Also notching under an angle (for e.g. swimming pools and pergolas), additional log end operations.
  • Proven operating principles guarantee accurate results that every piece is precise. Planks are finished in one pass and in one fixture. Quality control is no longer needed.

Effortless programming

The machine can be programmed through BTL import. All you have to do is load the CAD model of your wood structure into the program and with a few clicks, the machine is programmed.  Programming machines is a thing of the past.

  • The workpiece programme can also be prepared offlline at the office while the machine is producing
  • Machine programming directly from the CAD model. For effortless production of bespoke parts.
  • Intuitive user interface allows entering components directly at the machine operator panel.  For example, for simple series production or quick production of a small series.
  • The provided software verifies makeability and automatically generates the machine programme.
  • Production is optimised by the computer to minimize wood spillage and to maximise productivity.


Machine with extensive possibilities

  • Adjustable milling units to manufacture log cabin joints also at angles, e.g. for saunas and pergolas such as a pentagon, hexagon, octagon.
  • A control system identifies planks that are too warped and removes them.
  • A rest wood robot allows to stack rest wood boards of a still usable length and feed them automatically back into the machine.
  • Ideal for both series production and custom-made products.
  • Cross cut saw with optimisation software to saw to length the different lengths of the inserted planks
PI machine: the standard in log cabin construction

Voorbeeld van optimalisatie

Modular machine with extensive automation options

The heart is notch milling machine, which saws the logs to length, profiles the heads and makes the notches. This central notching machine can be extended with (automation) modules, which increases machine capabilities and reduces the workforce to zero.

  • An automatic drilling machine allows different holes to be drilled trough the height of the wall log.
  • An automatic unstacker feeds the machine continuously with logs
  • A stacking robot stacks the finished components, by selection on pallet or not, allowing easy transport and storage.
PI machine: the standard in log cabin construction