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Machine de base

Processing of beams with cross section up to 140 x 160 mm or 200 by 250 mm, length up to 6 m.
(Deviating dimensions on request.)

To produce log homes, outbuildings, gates, sheds, timber frame construction, pergolas, garages, shade structures…

For the production of outbuildings, fences, carports, pool houses, sheds, play equipment, swimming pools, wood massifs, pergolas, awnings, tiny houses, house extensions, storerooms, garden structures, stables…

Unique concept for various extended applications

The unique concept of the HM machine allows a wide variety of operations to be performed on all sides of the beam.  This makes the HM machine the machine of choice where high productivity and product flexibility are important.

  • Operations are performed in parallel as much as possible, which doubles production speed.
  • Unique working method allows a log cabin connection, with wind notch, to be manufactured in just 4 seconds.
  • Cost-efficient machine. Fully automated production of quality components doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • Tiroler Schloss (city corner) connections can also be manufactured on the machine.
  • All operations are carried out in one run.  Such as sawing to length, profiling, notching, tenoning, holes, dovetails, etc… .


Automatic machine programming and optimisation

The HM machine is automatically programmed through BTL import. All you have to do is load the CAD model of the wood structure into the program and with a few clicks, the machine program is generated. Spending hours programming machines is a thing of the past.

  • Programming the machine directly from the CAD model. For effortless production of bespoke projects.
  • The software verifies machinability and automatically generates the machine program.
  • Production is optimized by the computer, to minimize wood waste and maximize productivity.
  • Easy last-minute corrections to compensate deviating wood section, and adjustment of tolerances e.g. in joints such as dovetails, etc. …
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • The automatic machine loader allows autonomous machine operation.

Compact and environmentally friendly

With a machining compartment less than one meter in width, the HM machine sets the standard for well-thought-out, compact machine design. Furthermore, the fully closed and dust extracted machining compartment ensures a low-noise and dust-free healthy working environment.

  • Machine fits in every workshop due to compact footprint.
  • Machine can be installed directly on a sturdy concrete floor. Underfloor spaces are not required.
  • Full dust extraction of the machining compartment, to keep the environment free of dust ensures a comfortable working environment and noise-reduced production.
  • Workpieces, chips and residual wood are separated from each other
  • Practically no cleaning or maintenance.
  • Precision engineered components, such as bearings and guides, are isolated from the machining compartment wherever possible. This protects these components from dust ingress and guarantees a long lifetime.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Printing labels to identify finished parts.


Machine ondersteund door BTL-import en automatische productie-optimalisatie

Machine ondersteund door BTL-import en automatische productie-optimalisatie

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